As a certified gemmologist and trained geologist, Peter understands stones deeper than most goldsmiths. That knowledge is applied to each piece to find the best stone and cut for you. Peter’s experience and knowledge can even explain the origin of your stone, like how it formed, where it's from, and what gives it its colour or sparkle. 

Cut by Hand

Here, you will find a collection of Peter’s stones cut by his hand. 

Peter offers lapidary services for custom pieces for clients and other goldsmiths needing a specific stone. Unfortunately, the only stone Peter cannot cut at the moment are diamonds due to their extreme hardness; thus, they require special equipment. However, stay tuned, for as we expand our tools, we can begin to expand our services.    

Natural Amazonite Cabochon Natural Amazonite Cabochon
van Walraven Goudsmid

Natural Amazonite Cabochon

Out of stock Hand cut natural amethyst bullet Hand cut natural amethyst bullet
van Walraven Goudsmid

Natural Amethyst Bullet

Natural Bloodstone Cabochon Natural Bloodstone Cabochon
van Walraven Goudsmid

Natural Bloodstone Cabochon


Selected by hand

Here, we have a collection of stones hand-picked by Peter for their beauty, uniqueness and quality. Browse the ever-growing collections of stones here at van Walraven Goudsmid. Stones are available for sale; however, if you decide to use them for a custom piece created by Peter, a 20% discount will be applied to the stone for your custom piece.  

Looking for a stone?

If you are interested please write, detailing your interest/request and how I can possibly help.