Writing your story in metal and stone.

A piece of custom jewellery is a work of art, and each piece tells a story. Peter is here to help you write that story so it may live on, even beyond you. This is the philosophy behind each handcrafted jewellery piece made here at van Walraven Goudsmid. As each story is unique, Peter will guild you through the entire process. You will have access to his extensive knowledge about stone as a certified gemologist and trained geologist, as well as his diverse library of new and ancient jewellery techniques. All to ensure your story is not just heard but also seen, loud and clear.


The best feature of metal and stone is they never expire. Each piece will live on forever, for it can never be destroyed; it only alters its form.

Peter has experience with all kinds of mediums of metal, stone and materials when it comes to repairs and loves a challenge. For the best results, Peter will need to see the piece personally to see the best approach for your repair.

Repairs include:

  • Ring sizing (Up or Down)
  • Ring re-shanking
  • Prong re-tipping/repair
  • Earring repair or finding replacement
  • Remaking missing earring pair
  • Chain and bracelet repair
  • Pearl and bead re-stringing
  • Repolishing stones
  • Watch repairs

Van Walraven Goudsmid holds transparency and honesty in high regard to make sure you can trust Peter with your precious items. That said, sometimes a piece is beyond repair, or the repair may be worth more than the actual piece, as is the case with most costume jewellery. Peter will try to the best of his abilities to meet your needs with each repair, and if repair is not an option, we can always remake the piece.

Custom designs

Writing your story in metal and stone.

Welcome to the beginning of your newest immortal memory. You have come to the right place when you want to make something your own. Here is an outline of the creative process we would walk thought for designing a custom piece of jewellery.

1) The idea for Your Story - The process begins with an idea and a personal or virtual meeting with Peter. What are we creating, and who is it for? Is this a gift for you or a loved one? Is this about starting a story between lovers or celebrating your own story? The more Peter knows about who he is making this piece for, the more meaning and value he can weave into the process.

2) The materials for Your Story - One would think the idea should predate the materials, but with jewellery, it is the materials that shape the design. Stone and metal have a life of their own; some work together, while others resist. It is also important to note that hunting for a unique stone can take up to a month. Some questions to ask yourself with your custom design are:
  • What metal would you like to use?
  • What stones are you drawn to or have personal significance?
  • How will this piece be worn; will it be a ring, a pendant, or earrings?
  • What is your ideal budget?

3) The design of Your Story - As each story is unique, it takes time to design each piece. Upon meeting with Peter, and the stars align, there is a $350 non-refundable designer fee*. This fee includes the following:
  • Three sketches,
  • Three editing of the chosen sketch
  • One digital rending of the final selected design.
  • One meeting to review selected or custom stones.**

*The designer fee is negotiable, but this is on a case-by-case basis and will be discussed during the meeting.
** Subsequent meetings for stone or designs may cost extra and will be discussed during the initial meeting.

The end of my part in Your Story - Depending on the complexity of your custom piece, custom jewellery may take six to ten weeks to complete. Jewellery over $1000.00 comes with a complimentary appraisal and the story of your stone.


As a certified gemmologist and trained geologist, Peter understands stones deeper than most goldsmiths. That knowledge is applied to each piece to find the best stone and cut for you. Peter’s experience and knowledge can even explain the origin of your stone, like how it formed, where it's from, and what gives it its colour or sparkle.  

Peter offers lapidary services for custom pieces for clients and other goldsmiths needing a specific stone. Unfortunately, the only stone Peter cannot cut at the moment are diamonds due to their extreme hardness; thus, they require special equipment. However, stay tuned, for as we expand our tools, we can begin to expand our services.