The best feature of metal and stone is they never expire. Each piece will live on forever, for it can never be destroyed; it only alters its form.

Peter has experience with all kinds of mediums of metal, stone and materials when it comes to repairs and loves a challenge. For the best results, Peter will need to see the piece personally to see the best approach for your repair.

Repairs include:

  • Ring sizing (Up or Down)
  • Ring re-shanking
  • Prong re-tipping/repair
  • Earring repair or finding replacement
  • Remaking missing earring pair
  • Chain and bracelet repair
  • Pearl and bead re-stringing
  • Repolishing stones
  • Watch repairs

Van Walraven Goudsmid holds transparency and honesty in high regard to make sure you can trust Peter with your precious items. That said, sometimes a piece is beyond repair, or the repair may be worth more than the actual piece, as is the case with most costume jewellery. Peter will try to the best of his abilities to meet your needs with each repair, and if repair is not an option, we can always remake the piece.


Some jewellery may have a story that aligns with your own, but you have a different design in mind, or it needs more than a simple alteration. Refurbishing old jewellery is an excellent alternative to buying or creating new pieces, especially if you’ve inherited jewellery that doesn’t match your style. Like any repair, each piece will need to be examined personally to see the stone's quality and the metal's condition. Diamonds, sapphire and other natural stones are removed and incorporated into your piece or saved for a later date. Gold and platinum can be used directly in the new work or as a credit to the new metal, depending on the story we write together. Fine silver and sterling can be reused, but this will be discussed during our meeting.