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The Second-ish News Letter

The Second-ish News Letter

The Second of Many.

Hello, and welcome to Newsletter #2 from van Walraven Goudsmid!

Who says new years resolutions have to start on New Years? February is an new month anyways. While I had made a promise to myself to help this newsletter going, I made sure to add a clause that dates are subjective.

So whats new and planned for 2023 here at vWG?

First we have the announcement of the winner of the $100 gift voucher for anything in store, or on a new custom piece. Congratulations to Alessandra Crowe! To everyone who entered, A big thank you for taking the time to enter and view my work! Honestly I never would have imagined this kind of reaction to my work and I am humbled by your kind words.

A quicke note to the people who had difficulty signing in. Sorry for that, I am still learning the ropes with this with my team and I will do better for the next give-away.

New Inventory!

As promised I have many new things to share with you and list some special sales items!

The Stake, a new series of work, all unique pieces and hand-made from recycled sterling silver. Something rough and edgy for him and them, these pendants can add both class and an edge to accent you persona. There are many customizations available to add the extra touch that connects you to this piece.

See the item in our stores! 

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